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Little Jackdaw

Little Jackdaw

A few days ago we found this little fella, came right out of his nest, hopping around on a parking area between cars. I was afraid he would hide under a car or hop over the street and I saw his life in serious danger. My savior spirit awoke and I couldn’t resist but take him home with me. Our apartment is right around the corner, we started doing some research, while this little guy was sitting on my hand and I fell in love right awa

We found out that he was a jackdaw, the smallest member of the crow family. Once the young birds leave the nest their parents will be caring for them for up to 4 weeks! As much as I would have loved to keep him, it certainly wouldn’t have been the best for him. Not only is it really complicated to take care of such an animal, he also would have gotten used to humans which would lead to too much trust into humans. Unfortunately a lot of people are afraid of them or just don’t like them and would hit them or worse. I couldn’t believe when I read that this is in fact a huge risk for such birds.

They also get attached to humans very fast. So the only right thing to do was to bring him back asap, which we did. It was night time already and no traffic as we sat him in the deepest bush under his tree. I did not see him the following days which I believe is a good sign.

I felt like a child again when I was the savior of all animals that crossed my way.:D I saved cats, mice, birds, hedgehogs, bats, fish, even insects! My mother always wondered which animal I would bring home this time. From the time I can remember I felt an immense respect for every living thing and wanted to protect every life I could.

Have you been like this as a child? Or maybe still are?

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